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2008 February 14
by Kyle Bumpus
from → Personal Finance

Note: This post is outdated, as the free eBook offer expired in February 2008. Please check out my archives for more great articles on a variety of investing and personal finance topics or check out the About Me page for more about me, your humble blogger.

While I’m not the biggest fan of Suze Orman, I AM a big fan of free stuff.  Today until 8pm EST today, you can download Suze Orman’s newest book Women & Money:  Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny for free from Oprah’s site.  In my opinion, Suze’s advice is generally solid albeit simplistic.  I think she is great for the average paycheck-to-paycheck, hyper-consuming, debt-laden middle class consumer but experienced investors probably won’t learn anything new.  Then again, it’s free so what do you have to lose?  You may even learn something.

Thanks to MyMoneyBlog for the tip-off.

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