Money Hacks Carnival #88 – Economic Recovery Edition

2009 October 28
by Kyle Bumpus
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With the Dow hovering around the 10,000 mark for the first time in over 12 months and the market up over 20% so far this year, many pundits are falling all over themselves declaring an end to the recession.  While the strong market rally doesn’t necessarily mean a return to easy street, it is a strong signal that perhaps the worst is behind us.  Already we hear reports that home prices are stabilizing (even rising in some markets) and job losses are slowing.

But we’re not out of the woods yet.  Intelligent money management is more important than ever.  Gone (hopefully) are the days of conspicuous consumption as sound personal finance principles come back in fashion.  Use these Money Hacks to position yourself for financial security in 2010 and beyond.

Editor’s Picks

Len Penzo presents 6 Frugal Halloween Costume Ideas For the Kids posted at Len Penzo.  If I had a kid, I would definitely make them dress up as a Little League Bench Warmer.  Remember parents, if you’re not criticizing them, you don’t really love them!

Tyler presents I Am Responsible for the Corporate World’s Waste, or A Lesson in Micro Economics posted at Frugally Green.  Finally, somebody who understands how the world works.  Corporations aren’t evil and they aren’t out to destroy the planet:  they merely give the public what they want, in a way consistent with their values.  If Americans valued environmentally-friendly practices and refused to buy from heavy polluters, you can bet corporate America would clean up its act in a jiffy.  Don’t blame the corporations, blame yourself.  They say if you don’t like it, you can vote with your wallet.  What does how you spend your money say about your values?

Helen presents Dollar Cost Averaging: Useful Tool, Bad Idea, or Marketing Gimmick? posted at Affine Financial Services.   Dollar cost averaging is a simple investing strategy employed by almost everybody with a 401k plan.  But does that mean it’s always the best choice?  As with everything, the answer is “it depends…”  Helen does the math and shows how dollar cost averaging is sometimes used as a marketing gimmick.

Studenomist presents Best Way To Invest Money For Ambitious 20 Somethings posted at Studenomics.  For young college graduates, plowing all your spare cash in the market isn’t necessarily the best way to invest.  For many, investing in your career (be it a monetary or time investment) can be a much more lucrative choice.

J.D. Roth presents Pay Yourself First posted at Get Rich Slowly.  It’s simple, time-honored, and boring.  It’s also one of the least-practiced tidbits of personal finance wisdom around.  Trust me, it’s far easier to divert a few hundred dollars from every paycheck into an investment account before you even see the money than find ways say a few cents here, a dollar there after the fact.  Is it obvious?  Yes, but it bears repeating:  Pay Yourself First.


40percent 20years presents World’s Best Example of Higher Return posted at 40percent 20years – All About Dividends.

Manshu presents What is an ETF? posted at OneMint.

D4L presents International Diversification Begins At Home posted at Dividends Value.

20smoney presents Should You Learn Technical Analysis Or Fundamental Analysis? posted at 20s Money.

Ray presents Gold Investment posted at Financial Highway.

pkamp3 presents The Finish Wall? posted at Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Personal Finance, Economics and Investing.

ABC presents Calculating Taxes On Capital Gains And Capital Losses posted at ABCs Of Investing.

Frugality & Saving Money

FIRE Finance presents The Witch of Wall Street – Henrietta “Hetty” Green posted at FIRE Finance.

PT presents A Money Experiment: A Week Without Spending posted at PT Money.

Kyle presents Prepare Your Home for Winter posted at Suburban Dollar.

MoneyNing presents Help Your Children Visualize Money Mangement with the Four Jars Approach posted at Money Ning.

MatthewPaulson presents Money Saving Tips for New Parents posted at Fine Tuned Finances.

Peter presents What You Need to Know About Cash Flow Management posted at Bible Money Matters.

GLBL presents Money Savings Tips for a Wedding posted at Gather Little by Little.

Debt & Credit

Chris Holdheide presents Instant Credit Repair Secrets: Credit Repair Scams Reveled posted at

mbhunter presents Eliminate expenses that have no relevance anymore posted at Mighty Bargain Hunter.

freefrombroke presents Another Case For Emergency Savings – Credit Score posted at Free From Broke.

Baker presents 92 Quotes About Debt That’ll Make You Think, Laugh, & Tweet! posted at Man Vs. Debt.

Cecil Dellison presents Credit Card Skimming – How To Avoid It posted at Clear Choice Credit Cards.

Jeff Rose presents Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps Explained posted at Jeff Rose.


Hank presents Which Is Better For You: Term or Whole Life Insurance? posted at Own The Dollar.

Paul Williams presents Should You Buy Life Insurance for a Stay-at-Home Mom (or Dad)? posted at Provident Planning.


Sarah Eliza presents Wallet-Friendly Ways to Make a Difference TODAY, aka “Broke” and “Charitable” can still go hand-in-hand! ;P posted at Devastate Boredom.

Tom presents Forgot About An Old Bank Account? Find Your Money! posted at The Canadian Finance Blog.

Jason presents Teaching Kids About Money posted at One Money Design.

Wojciech Kulicki presents Being Good With Money When You’re Bad With Math posted at Fiscal Fizzle.

DR presents Blockbuster Review – Online and Brick and Mortar Style posted at The Dough Roller.

Deposit Accounts presents 4 Of the Most Common Personal Finance Mistakes posted at Deposit Accounts.

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    Remember, a frugal costume doesn’t have to mean a lame costume – okay, maybe just a little lame… But hey, the price is cheap, er, right!

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