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2010 January 17
by Kyle Bumpus
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Another week, another roundup.  Lots of especially-interesting posts this week:

Insufficient Sample Size by Oblivious Investor – You can find a “pattern” in anything if you look hard enough.  Problem is, it’s probably just a coincidence.  Don’t be fooled.

Invest?  Borrow?  Why Not Both by Bad Money Advice – Would you take a cash advance from your credit card to invest in the market?  No?  Then why would you invest in the market instead of paying down your credit card balance?  They are the same thing.

S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats by Bargaineering – A look at the S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats, what has changed for 2010, and it’s viability as an investment.

How to Get Your Free FICO Credit Score by Cash Money Life – You can get your credit score for free if you don’t mind doing a bit of legwork.  Worth the effort to save $15?  That’s for you to decide.

What the New Changes in Credit Card Rules Mean for You by Being Frugal – Congress, always changing the rules.  It’s difficult to keep up.

How Does The CARD Act of 2009 Affect Credit Card Holders? by Free From Broke – So complicated it requires multiple articles to explain!

New Law Makes it Harder for Teens to Get a Credit Card Starting February 22 by Generation X Finance – Yet another!

How To Make Money With A Blog by Bible Money Matters – A primer on how to start a blog, promote it, and make a nice side income.  Written by a guy who actually makes a decent income from his blog.  Well worth a read.

5 Steps to Get You Hired as an English Teacher Abroad by Studenomics – I actually considered this when I graduated college but didn’t go through with it. Maybe one day.

Top 10 Money Movies of the Decade by Man vs Debt – American Psycho is one of the awesomest movies ever made and Christian Bale’s best film. “Feed me a stray cat.”

5 Tips for Making Extra Money by PT Money – Show me the money.

You Need a Budget (YNAB) 3.0 Personal Finance Software Review by Fiscal Geek – YNAB is becoming pretty popular these days.

Don’t Forget About The Free YNAB Giveaway over at the Wisdom Journal. Ron is giving away one copy of this fantastic budgeting software in a drawing to be held February 1st. All you have to do is leave a comment to enter! A good strategy for this would be to comment on every post on his blog. That should get his attention.

Does the World Need Yet Another Credit Option? by Mrs Micah, errrr, Finance For A Freelance Life (she changed her blog’s name). Isn’t a credit card already a “bill me later” type of thing? What is the target market for this service?

Areas to Automate Your Finances by Couple Money – I prefer to think about money as often as possible, so this doesn’t really apply to me. But less-greedy people might appreciate a little automation.

Your Spouse: Financial Teammate or Financial Enemy? by No Debt Plan – That depends: do they make more or less money than you?

SuperFreakonomics book review by Four Pillars – I’m looking forward to reading this one. I thought the first one was just alright, so I have more realistic expectations for the sequel.

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