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2010 February 14
by Kyle Bumpus
from → General

Time for links!

Citibank Killed A Unicorn And It Bled Rainbows by The Frugal Lawyer.  Right….

How To Get Your Boyfriend To Marry You For Clingy Desperate Chicks by Financial Samurai.  I changed the title a little.  I think mine is more appropriate.

How Do You Know Something Is Impossible? by Early Retirement Blog.  In my experience, “that’s impossible” is code for “I haven’t actually tried it yet.”

TurboTax Online 2009 Review by Free From Broke.  I mention this post mostly because I have been using TurboTax Online for years now and I love it.  I may break down and pay a proper accountant to do my taxes after this year, though, since they are about to get very, very complicated.

How Student Loan Interest Is Calculated And Why It Varies From Money To Money by Debt Free Adventure.  Not having any student loans, I didn’t find this post particularly interesting.  But those of you who do have student loans should definitely give it a read.

6 Ways To Find Free Money by Redeeming Riches.  I always forget to deduct all my charitable donations.  I started writing them down in an effort to remember them, but then I kept forgetting where I wrote them down at.

How Many Years Should You Keep Tax Paperwork? by Lance at Four Pillars.  I solve this problem by never throwing anything away, ever.  It really annoys my girlfriend.  On an unrelated topic, I almost hired a guy named Lance to write for me here.  I guess I’ll have to find somebody else!

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5 Responses
  1. 2010 February 15

    Ha ha, I love your new title for Financial Samurai’s post. I thought that was one of the strangest posts I’ve seen in a while.

    Just for the record, “Lance” is copyrighted and is under exclusive contract to me. :)

  2. 2010 February 15

    Hey Kyle! Thanks for the mention. Nice title change…. must say, if that was my real title I think no woman would ever visit my site again!



  3. 2010 February 15

    Thanks for the mention!

  4. 2010 February 17

    Hey Kyle, thanks for the link and mention.

  5. 2010 February 17

    Thanks for the link! Arts and crafts while cutting up your credit cards can be extremely therapeutic.

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